Problems, misprints, omissions, and mistakes are inevitable. This page is our effort to remedy those problems with corrections. Download or access them as needed.

Consolidated Classic Traveller Reprint Errata
FFE 004 The Short Adventures The pages are mixed up in Double Adventure 4. A complete replacement book is provided.
FFE 005 The Games The Combat Chart and Identification Chart for Imperium is missing, and provided here.
Page 20 of Fifth Frontier War is missing and provided here.
FFE 006 JTAS 01-12 The Asteroid Mining flowchart from Issue 3 is illegible and provided here.
FFE 022 Aliens 1-4 The Droyne book is missing page 7 and it is provided here.

Consolidated Errata MegaTraveller
Consolidated Errata Traveller The New Era
Errata T4 General
Errata T4 Central Supply Catalog
Consolidated Errata 2300 AD

Pages missing from the Classic Traveller CDROM (pdf)
Pages missing from the MegaTraveller CDROM (pdf)

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