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   More than 30 years of expertise in book and game production. If you are contemplating book printing or game production, you would benefit from a conversation with Marc or Darlene. We can bring you quality production, competitive pricing, and insights into production locally, and overseas.

   Heartland Publishing Services was founded in 1994 by Darlene Miller (a veteran game production manager) and Marc Miller (an award-winning game designer) to help game publishers find the printers and production facilities best suited for their individual needs. Our process is simple: after a discussion about your product, and based on your unique needs and specifications, we find printers or manufacturers for each component and share their pricing with you via a spreadsheet. Appropriate vendors are selected from the list. No matter what your component, we can find a vendor who can fill your need. And there is more: because marketing and production decisions have such an impact on the success of a game, Heartland's services also include consultations on how to bring a game to market, who to talk to, how to best configure a product for the market, scheduling, pricing, and terms. We believe you will find our pricing and services are extremely cost effective.

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Ask for Marc or Darlene. The conversation costs you nothing; then benefits are incalculable.

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