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We are pleased to provide hardcopy reprints of the Classic Traveller Little Black Books. If you know what these books were, then you probably recognized them from their titles.
FFE0001 The Classic Books 0-8. $28.
All nine core rules books. 256 pages. Includes Introduction To Traveller, the three basic books (Characters and Combat, Starships, and Worlds and Adventures), plus Mercenary, High Guard, Scouts, Merchant Prince, Robots.
FFE0002 The Classic Supplements 1-13. $35.
352 pages. Includes: 1001 Characters, Animals, Spinward Marches, Citizens, Lightning Class Cruisers (originally only in Azhanti High Lightning), 76 Patrons, Traders & Gunboats, Library Data (A-M) and (N-Z), Fighting Ships, Solomani Rim, Forms & Charts, Veterans.
FFE0003 The Classic Adventures 1-13. $35.
352 pages. Includes Kinunir, Research Station Gamma, Twilight's Peak, Leviathan, Trillion Credit Squadron, Zhodane, Broadsword, Prison Planet, Nomads, Safari Ship, Murder, Secret of the Ancients, Signal GK.
FFE0004 The Classic Short Adventures 1-6+. $28.
240 pages. Includes Shadows/Annic Nova, Mithril/Bright Face, Argon Gambit/Death Station, Marooned/Marooned Alone, Chamax Plague/Horde, Night/Divine Intervention. Also Memory Alpha, Stranded on Arden, and Imperial Fringe (from Deluxe Traveller) and Special Supplements (1-3) Merchant Prince, Exotic Atmospheres, and Missiles.
FFE0005 The Classic Games 1-5+. $48.
304 pages. Includes text, board and counter images, and counter inventories for Mayday, Snapshot, Azhanti High Lightning, Fifth Frontier War, Invasion: Earth, Striker, Dark Nebula, Imperium.
FFE0006 Journal Travellers' Aid Society 1-12. $30.
280 pages. Includes Annic Nova, Victoria, Asteroids, Gazelle, Imperium, Scouts, Champa, Broadsword, War, Planet-Building, Striker, Merchant Prince (with Special Supplement 1). Includes an index of all 24 JTAS issues.
FFE0007 Journal Travellers' Aid Society 13-24. $30.
320 pages. Includes Hivers, Laws and Lawbreakers, Azun, Susag, Atmospheres (with SS 2), Travelling without Jumping, Skyport Authority, Ways of Kuzu, Vargr (with SS 3), Port to Port Jumping, Zhodani Philosophies, Religion of the 2000 Worlds. Includes an index of all 24 JTAS issues.
FFE0021 The Alien Modules 1-4. $30.
220 pages. Aslan, K'kree, Vargr, and Zhodani.
FFE0022 The Alien Modules 5-8. $30.
220 pages. Droyne, Solomani, Hivers, and Darrian.