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This CD-ROM includes all of the 2300 AD titles published by Game Designers' Workshop. In addition, this CD-ROM includes Operation Overlord (published under license by 3W), The Game (playtest material used in the creation of 2300 AD), Having Seen The Sky, an unpublished manuscript for an adventure to the Pentapods, Now Is The Time, a tournament adventure, and the eighty-three Challenge Magazine articles in support of 2300 AD.
This disk is the essential 2300 AD game materials preserved in one place for the collector and the player. The majority of the files on this disk are PDF files; you will need a PDF reader to access them.

On This Disk. Graphic Overview of the file contents of this CD-ROM.

Traveller: 2300 version 1.0. Marc Miller, Tim Brown, Lester Smith, Frank Chadwick. The first edition of 2300 AD.
Traveller: 2300 Box and In This Game / Forms Book.
Blank forms for use with Traveller: 2300.
Traveller: 2300 Player's Manual. Character generation, careers, and skills for the players, plus information on technology, equipment, and history.
Traveller: 2300 Referee's Manual. Adventuring, event and task resolution, combat, space travel, and the elements of universe creation, such as world and animal generation.
Traveller: 2300 Near Star List. The detailed star data used with the Near Star Map.
Traveller: 2300 The Tricolor's Shadow. The introductory adventure for Traveller: 2300.
Traveller: 2300 Understanding 2300. An overview of game concepts.

2300 AD version 2.0. Marc Miller, Tim Brown, Lester Smith, Frank Chadwick. The revision of 2300 AD.
2300 AD and In This Game / Forms Book. The 32-page play aids book comes complete with game forms, stellar data, and "Terror's Lair" solo adventure.
2300 AD Adventurer's Guide. The 96-page Adventurer's Guide presents character generation, careers, and skills for the players, along with complete information on 2300 AD's technology, equipment, and history.
2300 AD Director's Guide. The 112-page Director's Guide covers adventuring, event and task resolution, combat, space travel, and the elements of universe creation, such as world and animal generation.
2300 AD Errata. The errata provided with most copies of the game.

Star Cruiser. Frank Chadwick. A boxed game of starship combat for 2300 AD, including maps, counters, and rules for starship construction. Winner of the RPGA Award for Best Science-Fiction Strategy Game.

Nyotekundu Sourcebook. J. Andrew Keith. The first star along the French Arm is home to a planetary outpost and a remote ring mining station where characters will wrestle with the problem of the remains of a dead ancient being.
Colonial Atlas. Rob Caswell, Deb Zeigler, and Timothy B. Brown. The human colony worlds are all described in detail, from the heavy gravity world of King to the astronomical oddity, Crater. 29 human colony worlds described in detail.
Ships of the French Arm. Frank Chadwick & Timothy B. Brown. The starships of one branch of human space described and illustrated.
Ground Vehicle Guide. Loren K. Wiseman. An illustrated manual profiling more than 30 vehicles for 2300 AD: civilian vehicles, more conventional vehicles, cargo hovercraft, and the most advanced military designs facing the Kafers on the French Arm.
Equipment Guide. Lester W. Smith. Dozens of advanced electronic devices and mechanical conveniences from the 24th century illustrated, rated, and described in detail in this volume.
2300 Resource. The 2300 AD Newsletter. Issues 0-1-2.

Kafer Dawn. William H. Keith Jr. Set on Aurore are several scenarios dealing with the Kafer invasion, from combat with the Kafers to a possible expedition to reason with them.
Mission Arcturus. William H. Keith Jr. & Lester W. Smith. The orbital base at Arcturus has been in Kafer hands for some time. Be part of an expedition to seek it out and possibly rescue human captives there.
Aurore Sourcebook. William H. Keith, Jr. The strange colony world of Aurore, with its enormous tidal forces, is in the grips of a Kafer invasion. Recruits are needed to help clear them out.
Kafer Sourcebook. William H. Keith, Jr. Man's deadliest interstellar foes, profiled in this detailed sourcebook.
Invasion. J. Andrew Keith. The Kafers unleash an enormous and terrible host which sweeps over dozens of human colony and. outpost worlds, laying waste to everything they find.

Beanstalk. Lester W. Smith. The first published adventure for 2300 AD.
Energy Curve. Timothy B. Brown. An unexplored world and an encounter with a new race: the Klaxun.
Bayern. William W. Conners. An expedition to the Pleiades.
Ranger. David Nilsen. Texas Rangers on the Eber homeworld.
Operation Overlord. Clare W. Hess. A counter-offensive against the Kafers. This module was a licensed adventure published by 3W.

Earth/Cybertech Sourcebook. Lester W. Smith. Details of Earth in 2300 AD. Notice the misprinted barcode on the cover.
Deathwatch Program. Lester W. Smith. A plot to bring Earth to economic ruin.
Rotten to the Core. Julia Martin. Details of Libreville, the city at the base of Earth's beanstalk.

Near Star Map (Large). The Near Star Map in six panels, each approximately 11 Mb. JPG files.
Near Star Map 1 (Upper Left; includes French Arm detail)
Near Star Map 2 (Upper Right; includes American Arm detail)
Near Star Map 3 (Center Left)
Near Star Map 4 (Center Right)
Near Star Map 5 (Lower Left; includes Chinese Arm detail)
Near Star Map 6 (Lower Right; includes Map Key)
Near Star Map Stellar Data. Text file for use with spreadsheet.

Overlord. A contemporaneous recapitulation recording what The Game attempted to accomplish.
The Game. A convention handout reproducing the surviving fragmentary rules for The Game
The Game. HTMLized by Steven Alexander
The Game Spreadsheet. Charts, Counters (no calculations)
Playtesting The Game.. An album of photos taken during the 1985 playtest sessions of The Game. More photos available in in the "playtesting-the-game" folder on the CD-ROM.

Now Is The Time. An RPGA tournament.
Having Seen The Sky. The unpublished (and only partially edited manuscript) for an adventure to the Pentapods.
The 2300 AD Font. This pdf shows the font. Access the folder: "2300AD ttf font" for the actual font.

GDW's continuing support for 2300 AD included at least one article in every issue of Challenge Magazine from Issue 27 through Issue 74. The last three issues 75-76-77 did not have 2300 AD coverage. Issue 77 forecast Issue 78 and The Esper Project by Paul Lucas, but sadly that issue and that article were never published.

Each PDF here includes the magazine cover, table of contents, and the 2300 AD articles.

Challenge 27 The North American Research League, Timothy B. Brown
Challenge 27 Traveller: 2300 Designer's Notes, Marc W. Miller
Challenge 28 Designer's Notes, Marc W. Miller
Challenge 28 The Astronomischen Rechen-Institut,, Timothy B. Brown
Challenge 29 In the Cards, Timothy B. Brown
Challenge 29 Trade in 2300, Gary Thomas
Challenge 30 Bayern, Rob Caswell and Timothy B. Brown
Challenge 30 IEX, Deborah Zeigler
Challenge 30 Stutterwarp, Rob Caswell and Timothy B. Brown
Challenge 31 Earth: 2300, Tom Peters and David Nilsen
Challenge 31 Spacesuits, Robert Bodine
Challenge 31 The Sung, Chapter 19, Deb Zeigler
Challenge 32 Cayuga-Class Close Escort, Clare W. Hess
Challenge 32 Papers and Passports, Kevin Stein
Challenge 32 The Xiang: Chapter 19, Deb Zeigler
Challenge 33 Davout, Clay Johanson
Challenge 33 Lone Wolf, David Nilsen
Challenge 33 North America, 2300, Timothy B. Brown
Challenge 33 Stutterwarp Revisited, Lester W. Smith
Challenge 34 INAP, Dave Finnigan
Challenge 34 Ogre: 2300, Lester W. Smith and Frank Chadwick
Challenge 34 The 2300 AD Revision, Lester W. Smith
Challenge 34 Thorez, C. W. Hess
Challenge 35 A World Invaded, C. W. Hess
Challenge 36 Devil in the Dark, Pete Rogan
Challenge 36 The Anatomy of a Missile, Karl Bergman
Challenge 37 Three Blind Mice, David Nilsen
Challenge 38 Star Cruiser Power, C.W. Hess
Challenge 39 The American Marines, C. W. Hess
Challenge 39 The French Lieutenant's Connection, Marcus L. Rowland
Challenge 40 Anatomy of a Space Mine, Karl A. Bergman
Challenge 40 Cellular Launcher, Carl A. Bergman
Challenge 40 GDW System Overview,
Challenge 40 M17A1 APC, C. W. Hess
Challenge 40 Riding the Wave, Lester W. Smith
Challenge 40 The Stahlhammer, Karl Martin
Challenge 41 Maacrocombat, David Nelson
Challenge 41 The Sweet Trade in Space: Piracy, Erick Melton
Challenge 42 AV-90 Marine VTOL, C.W. Hess
Challenge 42 Italy: 2300, Mark Galeotti
Challenge 42 Leathernecks on Aurore, C.W. Hess
Challenge 42 Manhunt, Mark Galeotti
Challenge 42 Where Ya From, Mack?, C.W. Hess
Challenge 43 AECA, Clay Johanson
Challenge 43 L-5: Community in the Sky, Pete Rogan
Challenge 43 New Cyber Equipment, Michael LaBossiere
Challenge 43 Where Ya from, Mate?, C. W. Hess
Challenge 44 Black Market, Matthew S. Prager
Challenge 44 Highland, Clay Johanson
Challenge 44 Social Class in 2300, Andy Slack
Challenge 45 Catch & Carry Team, Erick Melton
Challenge 45 Hot Stuff, Matthew S. Prager
Challenge 46 Contagion, Richard S. McEnroe
Challenge 47 New Attack Programs for Cyberjockeys, Markku Honkonen
Challenge 48 We're Going Where?: Naval Reservists in 2300, Richard S. McEnroe
Challenge 49 Operation Back Door 1, Charles E. Gannon
Challenge 50 Operation Back Door 2, Charles E. Gannon
Challenge 50 he Ylii, Charles E. Gannon
Challenge 51 Operation Back Door 3, Charles E. Gannon
Challenge 52 Operation Back Door 4, Charles E. Gannon
Challenge 53 Wired Society, Andy Slack
Challenge 54 Master Race, Craig Sheeley
Challenge 55 Motorcycles, Jay Adan
Challenge 56 SAMN, Erick Melton
Challenge 57 Cache and Carry, Andy Slack
Challenge 58 Just How Good is Sidearm-5, Anyway?, Andy Slack
Challenge 59 Rock 'n' Roll Never Dies, Michael C. LaBossiere
Challenge 60 X-Wing Down, C.W. Hess
Challenge 61 This is Only a Test, Michael C. LaBossiere
Challenge 62 Catch as Catch Can, Erick Melton
Challenge 63 Into the Depths, Michael C. LaBossierre
Challenge 63 Jacked in, Matthew S. Prager
Challenge 64 Drifter, Michael C. LaBossiere
Challenge 65 One Of Us Always Stays Awake, Andy Slack
Challenge 66 Diamonds from Premiere, Andy Slack
Challenge 67 Old Enemies, Michael C. LaBossiere
Challenge 68 Bug Hunt, Craig Sheeley
Challenge 69 Repo Men, Andy Slack
Challenge 70 Gorgon Hunt, Andy Slack
Challenge 71 Stowaway, Andy Slack
Challenge 72 Bioadversity, Andy Slack
Challenge 73 The Edge of Memory, Matthew S. Prager
Challenge 74 Survival Course, Paul Lucas

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